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to Tiny City Farm, where I'm about to embark on the grandest adventure in the history of small-scale farming. I'm cooking up something crazy – the world's tiniest, quirkiest farm, packed into just 500 m² (approximately 5400 sq ft) of land. Grab your gardening gloves, and let's sow the seeds of my wild dreams.



I'm like a mad scientist concocting the perfect potion. Dive into my slightly eccentric vision and upcoming projects through my blog posts. I'll spill the beans on how I plan to turn this micro farm into a self-sustaining wonderland. Get ready for some farming wizardry; it's time to make veggies magically grow!



Here, at Tiny City Farm, unconventional plans take root and grow wild. I'm Vesna, the imaginative force behind this endeavor - a woman with more unusual ideas than a squirrel has acorns. At the moment, my farm exists solely in the realm of dreams, but oh, what a dream it is!



Planning to build my tiny farm is like assembling a massive jigsaw puzzle without a picture on the box – it's bound to be an adventure. I may not have the wisdom of a seasoned builder, but I'm here to learn and share my journey. My blog is the blueprint where I'll chronicle my quest to piece together this eco-friendly wonderland. From choosing the right materials to figuring out how everything fits, follow along as I navigate the fascinating world of farm construction.



Get ready to dive headfirst into the wacky world of micro farming, where I'll be your enthusiastic guide on this journey of learning and discovery. While my farm is currently just a tiny seed of an idea, I'm here to share the knowledge and excitement I gain through research. I promise there will be no dull moments, just a bunch of shovel-swinging, soil-loving, farm-fresh fun!

tiny city farm design

Ready to hop on board the Tiny City Farm crazy train?


Become a member of my quirky little community and join my exclusive group of subscribers. I promise it's not your average newsletter. You'll get a regular dose of farm-tastic fun, sustainability wizardry, and more.



Hold on to your tractors, folks! I've got something more exciting than a kid in a candy store – a fabulous planner that's ready to revolutionize your life! Picture this: not just any planner, but a farm-fresh, creativity-infused masterpiece designed to make your days smoother than churning butter. It's not just a tool; it's a companion on your journey to a greener, more organized life.

Get ready to dive into a world where your to-do list meets farm-fresh flair. So, grab your pitchfork, because this planner is ready to roll, and it's going to make planning your days feel like a walk in the vegetable patch!

tiny city farm design


I'm all ears and a few chuckles! Spill the beans in the form below with your questions, inquiries, or feedback, and I'll hit you back faster than a rabbit on a pogo stick.

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